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Postcards From Iceland

We just got back from the most wonderful 5 day trip around Iceland & I still keep dreaming about that beautiful nature we’ve got to explore. Let me share some of the top spots with you all!

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My Minimal Make Up Routine

Long time no beauty talk, huh? I’ve been moving once again this week & decided to give & throw away LOADS & LOADS of stuff. This left me with the realisation that I actually use only a few of…

Why Sicily Needs to Be Your Next Travel Destination

I spent the first weeks of September exploring the beautiful Sicily as you've probably noticed from my Instagram feed. I'm not the biggest fan of Southern Europe, but this time, I simply had to change my mind about this.…

Steps To A Happier Life As A Blogger | Fall 2017

I can’t believe that September is already here. Summer just flew by, huh? I do feel very excited about the new season tho! Autumn is my favourite time of the year and the most productive one! Here are some…

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

I’m writing this post after a few days exploring beautiful Sicily with a group of friends & couldn’t help, but feel so blessed about everyone & everything in my life. Just before I jump back into the car for…